Registration Does Not Scale Well

People have many different opinions about config systems. Having worked with various styles of configs, I also want to write about what a great config subsystem in a large-scale (in terms of system complexity, number of users, etc.) system should look like.

The design space is complex, so in this article I'll start with a smaller topic: registration in config systems. I'll show why this common pattern, though works fine for small-scale projects, does not scale well in the long term. I'll also discuss an alternative.

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Not Every Model Has a Separate "Loss Function"

"Loss function" is one of the most basic concepts today in deep learning. Despite that, it is actually not necessarily a good programming abstraction when designing general-purpose systems. A system should not assume that a model always comes together with a "loss function".

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How to Maintain Clean Core APIs for Research

Building a library for research and experiments is quite different from building other types of software. A key challenge is that, in research, abstractions and APIs are rarely set in stone: users may want to propose a slight variant or modification to literally ANYWHERE in the whole program, just because they have a new idea.

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