Effective Use of Python 'logging' Module

In large systems, logs can be terrifying: they are huge in volume, and hard to understand. This note lists some suggestions and common misuse of Python's logging module, with the aim of:

  • Reduce redundant logs & spams from libraries.
  • Allow more control of logging behaviors.
  • Make logs more informative to users.
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On Environment/Package Management in Python

Python's package management is a mess. I'm involved in a few open source projects and I often help users address their environment & installation issues. A large number of these environment issues essentially come down to incorrectly / accidentally mixing multiple different python environment together. This post lists a few common pitfalls and misconceptions of such.

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Classify WeChat Audio Messages using Speaker Recognition


微信的聊天记录导出一直是挺麻烦的事, 尤其是在 iphone 上. 前几天想导出一部分语音聊天记录, 就到 iphone 的文件系统里去找了一下, 发现微信的语音记录存放在/var/mobile/Applications/{app id}/Documents/{user id}/Audio/{friend id}/*.aud

问题是, 微信将两人互相的对话音频存在一个目录下, 不知道如何区分, 去逆向微信的聊天记录格式恐怕比较困难, 于是想到使用上学期做的说话人识别 (Speaker Recognition) 系统来自动处理这个问题.

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